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Unit 2 FRQ (Intercellular Transport)

2 min readdecember 14, 2021

AP Biology 🧬

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AP Bio Free Response Question for Intercellular Transport

👋 Welcome to the AP Bio Unit 2 FRQ (Intercellular Transport). These are longer questions, so grab some paper and a pencil, or open up a blank page on your computer. After you finish, you can see how you did with Unit 2 FRQ (Intercellular Transport) Answers. ⏱ The AP Biology exam has 6 free-response questions, and you will be given 90 minutes to complete the FRQ section. (This means you should give yourself ~15 minutes to go through each practice FRQ.)
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Living cells require multiple materials to be transported in and out of the cells to fulfill different needs. Ions, molecules, and proteins all move across the membrane in different ways depending on their structure.


(a) Sodium and potassium ions are both necessary for life and constantly move across cellular membranes. Identify the transport method that both sodium and potassium use together to move across membranes. 
(b) A bulk amount of protein is created in a cell’s endomembrane system and needs to evacuate the cell. Explain the method the bulk substance should use to exit the cell. 
(c) Human cells require multiple substances to pass in and out of their membranes regularly. Design an experiment to test which molecules, listed below, can pass through the membrane via simple diffusion.
    1. Water
    2. Glucose
    3. Salt (Na+)
    4. Carbon dioxide

Answers & Rubric

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